'In the mindful practice of Yin, your mat truly becomes your meditation cushion, each pose serving as “mini-meditation sessions,” opportunities to observe the movements of the breath and mind.'

Unwind through Movement: Yin Yoga

With a slow and steady approach, Yin Yoga uses floor poses held in stillness allowing these passive, long holds to strengthen and hydrate critical joint tissues in a way that most other practices cannot. The Yin exercise targets the body’s connective tissues – including the ligaments, bones, cartilage, & tendons – as well as myofascial - all major but often ignored components of flexibility, mobility, strength, and structure.


The Yin Yoga practice can bring a noticeable increase to our body’s range of motion.  Yin also helps to hydrate and lubricate our joints as well as reduce degeneration of those tissues, which means our bodies stay more mobile and durable.  Our hips and the sacral area of our spine are major culprits in loss of mobility, and this practice works directly and effectively with those areas.  Most exercise, including Vinyasa  aka Power yoga, running, cycling, and weight training, focuses predominantly on the muscles rather than these important connective tissues, so anyone participating in those “yang” types of exercise can reap deep benefits from this complementary Yin practice. It’s the perfect counterbalance to them as well as our yang-oriented modern way of living. Yin truly is the “Other Half.”  As Bernie Clark has said, our goal is not to become perfect, our goal is to become Whole.


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