Meditation: Unwind the Mind 

The “mental floss” of Meditation steadies the mind, reduces stress/anxiety, and promotes clarity, relaxation, and the ability to be more present for our life. Studies show meditation improves the health of the brain and immune system, reduces blood pressure, improves the quality of sleep, and gives us more energy to enjoy life.  Meditation helps to cultivate mindful awareness opening us up to invaluable space- space to create paths that bring us and those around us the greatest benefit and the most peace, space of unlimited possibilities for growth, insight, and joy.

"Today so much is spent on prescription drugs and very expensive ways to de-stress but after having this meditation class it is clear to me that just taking a very small amount of time in your day to be present can make way more of a difference than I would have ever thought.  I also found myself thinking that meditation was not going to be beneficial to me either, however, from the very first class I found myself using the easy practices Melissa taught us in my everyday life and I think it has impacted how I react to situations in a much more effective way.  I never thought you could  apply these to work or life in general but I now know this really can have a huge impact."  

- M. Boyer, Training Associate at Direct Energy   

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