Why unwind at work?

Companies host meditation sessions at the workplace because it helps our minds stay calm, clear and composed. In this balanced mental state we are better able to navigate the demands of a busy working day, develop more empathy with colleagues and make better decisions. 

We've summarised some of the latest research here. In short, research shows that taking time out during the working day helps you:

  • Concentrate better

  • Respond more calmly to stressful situations

  • Make space for creativity

  • Hold more information in your head

  • Relate better with colleagues

"Melissa teaches meditation on a weekly basis at the corporation I work for.  She offers a variety of meditation styles that I can use while in the office and at home. I've even started sharing her "bubble blowing" meditation with my children."  -L. Stoneway, Account Executive 

Meditation in the workplace

Many Fortune 500 and innovative companies such as HBO, Nike, Forbes, Apple, Google, and Aetna are embracing corporate wellness programs such as Meditation. Approximately one-fourth of all major American employers offer extensive programs to foster mindful practices among their workers, according to journalist David Gelles, whose new book, Mindful Work, explores the spread of meditation inside the business world -- a trend now reaching beyond Silicon Valley. Helping employees manage stress, stay physically healthy, improve concentration and improve work/life balance should be included in every company’s strategic plan.  

Experience the benefits of meditation with the convenience of not leaving the office. Classes will be customized for your employees. Relaxation and breathing techniques can be combined with practical advice to help your staff return to work feeling focused, energized and rejuvenated. 

Interested in having virtual or on-site sessions? I would love to work with you to customize a program for your staff. To learn more or to book Corporate Sessions, email melissa@melissagriffith.org


Wishing you deep peace from the inside out. 





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